March 7th, 2014

angel alley

(no subject)

This week has been kind of an emotional roller coaster. A lot of good. A lot of bad. A lot of 'meh'. I am in the kind of mood right now to write a serial killer AU or possibly mirrorverse or something? I dunno. Something dark and fucked up. I feel like everything I've been writing lately has been pleasant and nice, and I think I need a change of pace.

Still tweaking the fic project, and I'm in that sort of 'the last 90% of the work' stage of things. I should probably start looking for the next project right now to keep my brain occupied. Not sure what it's going to be yet. Could be code, could be writing? Could be me starting to think about putting together a IF workshop or something. Or maybe teaching myself how to use Inform with a mini-project (about serial killers?). That could be fun.

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