May 4th, 2014


I have never studied philosophy, and it shows

So one of the advantages of living in a city that's basically a Portlandia sketch at this point (seriously, there was a city-wide beard + mustache competition that happened a few months ago), is that we have lots of fun free things to do. This weekend, it was Somerville Open Studios, which was lots of fun. I do enjoy wandering around and soaking in other people's creativity. It's a lot different from going to museums, because, well, the quality here varies quite a bit, and part of the fun is getting to peek into people's studios and seeing the mess of it, the chaos that goes into creating anything.

Because of said, M and I had a few conversations about Art (capitalization intentional), mostly because we have not be confronted with quite so much Art in a while. It does interest me how the ways in which people approach art are so very subjective, and what we take away from it can vary hugely between person to person. I won't pretend to know anything about the academic subject (I'm sure there's been centuries of ink spilled over this very topic), but here's some questions we ended up mulling over this week:

- What is the value of art that can only be understood by other artists?

- If you need to explain your art, does the art still have meaning?

- Oh god, why are we learning more about these artists than we ever wanted to know?

- What sorts of expectations should be placed on art when it primarily functions as self-expression?

- What compels someone to paint only astronauts and cherubs?

I'm not sure if my answers are particularly interesting, and I'm sure some philosophy major out there is crying, but it was fun to think about it.

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