July 30th, 2014


do cool stuff and make things

I've been kind of off in a video game void lately due to stress and general life business. (Hahaha, who knew that getting a mortgage and buying property would be so much work?) It's much easier to focus on consuming media rather than creating it when your brain is occupied with all sorts of things.

But I recently have achieved some Free Time and some brainspace, and I have been messing around with the Shadowrun Returns editor.

I was playing the game and loving the worldbuilding. It's kind of goofy -- the premise is high fantasy meets cyberpunk -- and wanting fic, knowing that I'd probably have to write it myself. At some point, that went from "I guess I could write some short fic" to "I guess I could use the built-in campaign editor to make some short fic". So here I am, toying with the pieces of it and actually making some progress.

I'm not going to make a full campaign. Combat can be kind of wonky and frustrating, and the animations are pretty limited, but I love the fact that it relies so much on text and dialogue for its storytelling. That definitely lowers the barrier of entry. Words are great!

Right now, I'm actually limited on the writing side of things. Which scenes do I want to build and what things do people say and how do they play out. The fiddly technical bits are actually the easy part of this whole process. I don't know how big this thing is actually going to be, but I'm excited to have the bones of something in place. We'll see how this goes.

(If I were in better shape, this would be where I would write a whole bunch of stuff about companies encouraging modding and how this whole process feels strongly like playwriting or something of that ilk. I spent a whole day learning how to build sets. It was weird.)

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