December 13th, 2014

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December Posting Meme: my favorite non-Boston city in America

for [personal profile] merisunshine36

I know this is kind of a boring answer, but New York City will always have a place in my heart. I grew up in its orbit, about two hours out by train, and it imprinted itself. My love for it runs deep.

I'm a city person. There's something about the density of cities, not just of people, but of things, things to do and know and learn, that I love. I grew up in a pleasant suburb, and it was fine, but every time we would travel into New York City, it was like magic. You could walk everywhere, and on every block, there would be something new and interesting to look at.

I applied to Columbia for undergrad. Didn't get in. Not hugely disappointed in that overall, but if they had let me in, I might have had a moment of indecision based on the location alone.

I still go back to New York every so often. It makes for a convenient central location, and one of my close friends just moved there. Every time I go back, I remember why I loved it. Boston is my home, but it's far sparser, slower, smaller.

New York isn't afraid to smack you in the face with information overload from the first moment you step outside. It speeds along, dragging you along with its rhythms. I feel different when I'm in New York. The city transforms me. I still love it a little for that, and I think I always will.

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