January 10th, 2015

happiness is a warm gun

quick hits

- I almost kind of have a vid idea, though I don't quite have a song for it yet, which is a problem. Also, it is for a video game, which quite possibly makes finding footage even more terrible than that of a TV show. Possibly. And I'm still looking for a good song for it, even though that is usually the minimum I expect from a vid idea: a source and a song. Right now I only have a source. So basically I don't even have a vid idea. Sigh.

- Watched Glee last night, which may have been a terrible idea. This show is worse than I remembered, and I was joking about my eyes being gouged out being the better alternative before I even sat down to watch it. Collapse ) There's another ten weeks of this? Well, I guess I followed Smash all the way to the end of its run, too.

- Still coughing all the time. Ugh. There's bouts of sneezing, too.

- Agent Carter was great! It holds together quite well and I'm looking forward to watching the rest of it. Is it wrong that I kind of ship Carter/Jarvis right now? It's a delight to watch them work together.

- Awesome Games Done Quick is seriously one of those events that I adore when it rolls around twice a year. There's a beauty to a great speedrun, a mixture of extremely precise hand-eye coordination and mind-bending technical wizardry. I love watching them.

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