February 20th, 2015


Year of the Goat/Ram/Sheep

新年快樂! Had an awesome day yesterday, going out to Dim Sum with some co-workers and having a board game night after work. I find the English confusion on what exactly to call this year super hilarious. I guess I had never thought about it until now, and now I can see why people are freaking out. Language defining our perception of the world: yet another example.

Still enjoying Fresh Off the Boat, though I kind of hate Eddie. Hudson Yang doing great as an actor, but ugh, dudes, preteen dudes. The parents are definitely worth it, though. I know them too well. My mom still warns me about standing too close to the edge of subway platforms because she's terrified some crazy person will try to push me onto the tracks. They definitely do the 'talk smack about people in Mandarin' thing, though it's great when we're in Asian countries and they switch to using English instead. The one good thing about having all the kids be boys, though, is that my parents can't call me up and be like 'IS THAT WHAT IT WAS LIKE FOR YOU?????' I told them they should watch it a few weeks ago, and I don't know if they're keeping up. Their initial review: "It was funny." My parents are brilliant, but TV critics, they are not.

How to Get Away with Murder keeps delivering all the Connor/Oliver feelings, though I wish that there was a better ratio of fluff/not fluff in the fandom. And by 'not fluff' I don't mean like 'everyone is in misery and despair', I mean 'stories where people have actual conflict that doesn't resolve in five seconds.' I also feel like the overall ratio in fandom has shifted in that direction. Am I just hallucinating? Is this a weird nostalgia thing speaking? I don't know, man. I just know that if I read too much fluff, the feelings turn into a bland, blank haze of nothingness. That quote about all happy families being alike? So true of fluff fic, too.

Speaking of which, I'm going to be so sad when Kurt and Blaine get back together on Glee. I was happily feeding off all the sad pining feelings people were writing into their post-eps. And then it will become another fandom eaten by the bland fluff monster. Oh well.

Welp, it's supposed to rain here in fair Boston this weekend. I'm a little terrified of the amount of flooding we're going to get. Better head towards the high ground.

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