March 4th, 2015

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My ability to be fannishly involved and/or invested tends to swing back and forth these days. IDK. I still have that thing where I still feel cut off from the energy in my fandom(s) for whatever reason, so after I post something, I just feel burned out and exhausted, regardless of the feedback I'm getting. There's not a lot of people around to pump me back up.

I find that video games are excellent for filling that void, though. Just in time for PAX East.

Anyway, some links to things:

- The Double Fine Adventure documentary is being posted for free on Youtube. New eps go up every Tuesday and Thursday. I have already extolled its virtues. I know that almost none of you guys care, but too bad! It's my blog and I'll pimp the things that I want to.

- I feel like Sex Box might very well be the encapsulation of everything that is wrong with America today. Why is there a pastor around to be a talking head on a show called Sex Box? America, that's why.

- The Alps of MIT have their own TripAdvisor page. That is a thing that now exists on the internet.

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