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An abbreviated list of things I learned during this expedition:

- XPaths and how weird and fragile they are
- running unittests without nose/a manage.py file
- Heroku configuration and deployment
- how to limit gunicorn workers
- how nltk's ConditionalFreqDist works
- how to use Python 2/3 compatibility tools
- Twitter and Tumblr's API's (kind of)
- OAuth again, for about the 50 millionth time. It doesn't like to stick.
- how to express single element tuples in Python
- writing very, very simple websites in Flask.
- template inheritance with Jinja2
- good (any?) tests are really really important :(((((
- how to set up a NewRelic agent on a deploy
- what that one machine learning class I learned in college was good for

Also, now that I am playing through Assassin's Creed 4, I am tempted to train the model on a bunch of pirate AUs full of swashbuckling. Hell, I might even start writing some myself. Lots of research would be needed, though, and I'm not sure if I'm up for that. ALSO, it's hilarious how much of the music I know because there was a pirate acapella group in college. Yes, really.

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