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29 May 2015 @ 07:40 am
Can I just say how much I love this FIFA scandal right now? I can't stop looking away from it.

It features:

- Bad guys that everyone already hates
- Team America: World Police
- Narcissism
- Rank incompetence and/or arrogance
- Dad jokes from the IRS
- Corporate doublespeak
- Election politicking and drama
- Saber rattling from a variety of countries
- A dude who had an apartment in Trump Tower for his cats
- More singing canaries than a mob film
- Most of it resembles a mob film, tbh

It's amazing. I can't wait for John Oliver's take on the whole thing. I can't wait to see the fallout of today's election for FIFA president (Sepp Blatter is probably going to win reelection, but it's possible he's going to be sweating for a while).

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