July 24th, 2015

need for speed

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This week was really awful. Getting into the details of it is more than I can or want to deal with right now, so I will not do that. It's at the point where I've semi-abandoned my weird experimental fic in favor of stress-writing terrible other fic because other fic is easier to think about and work on. I can just spew words into this document, and it's almost kind of soothing.

But on the other hand, I've started doing cardio, and I think I've found cardio that I don't hate? Zumba wasn't really fun per se, but I enjoyed it more than the other cardio I've done before? I didn't feel like throwing up at any point. My lungs didn't want to crawl out of my chest. There were plenty of breaks where I could stop for water. I was terrible at any of the parts that required actual dancing skill, but I managed to keep up with the footwork for the most part. Or worked really hard at trying to keep up with the footwork, which is pretty much what I'm there for anyway.

I think the key things for cardio and me is that (a) I much prefer working out more than one muscle group when doing it and (b) I need someone else to set the pace for me and guilt/encourage me to get through things. I think I push myself too hard when I try to do things like running, and then I just feel awful at the end of the workout instead of energized. I get side stitches, and I can't breathe, and yeah. Bad place.

I found some home cardio videos that I liked well enough. The first one that I saw offered up low-impact alternatives to the moves they were using, and halfway through, there was a water break. Even though I haven't done cardio in forever, it was still pretty doable. I usually end up gushing sweat at the end of it, which is the goal, I think. I also get a nice pleasant buzz, which I'm guessing is the mystical runners' high that I've heard so much about but have never experienced in association with running. I might go hunting for other videos to see if I like them better, but even if I don't, then I at least have these to fall back on.

I am slightly worried that it's not cardio 'enough' and am tempted to get some sort of heart rate monitor, though I think that's the internet talking and not me. Ugh. I'm not in this to get to my peak physical condition or lose a ton of weight. I'm just in this to maintain a decent amount of mental and physical health. I guess we'll see how I feel about keeping up the routine going forward.

This is on top of the daily yoga that I've been pretty good at maintaining, even when I was sick earlier this week. There are yoga videos for when you are sick, because there are yoga videos for everything. Just finished Day 26 of 30 Days of Yoga, and it's been good. I like the variety that she presents. I've been doing once-a-week classes, which are good for pushing myself harder and also for inducing bile in the back of my throat when I push myself to hard.

So. I guess I'm now someone who does exercise on a regular basis. I'm someone who talks about the exercise I'm doing on a regular basis. Gross.

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