September 10th, 2016

death and dream

Boston FIG: Highlights

I got to go to the Boston Festival of Indie Games this year, and it was a blast as always. I love how weird and messy and diverse it is. There was, as always, a great mix of tabletop and digital games to mess around with, but here are a few standouts that I'd like to call out.


No Regerts (yes, it's supposed to be spelled that way.) - On Kickstarter now! It's a card game based around getting tattoos. And screwing over your friends. I played two different rounds with two different groups of people, and it was a blast both times. Plus, the art is great, and both the 'good' and the 'bad' tattoos were hilarious. I came home and Kickstarted it immediately.


One of my friends was manning her brother's booth, and it was a super cool game idea that wasn't quite refined yet, but I can see something brilliant in it already. Don't want to say too much just yet, but I'm definitely going to see what it is going forward.

Floor Kids - A mobile game about breakdancing. Gorgeous art, lovely animation. It's not out yet, but I'm so ready for it. Oh, and I discovered that it's based on a digital short, also called Floor Kids, which gives a decent idea of what to expect.

Mind Flock - Co-Op trivia game. You can trade categories with other people on your team in an attempt to get all of them right. Apparently, my teammate and I managed to kick serious ass with a high score of 27. I need to find out if M and I can rock this long distance.

Sad Hill Cemetery - super simple game where you try to prove you're the quickest draw in all the land. Almost no graphics to speak of, but still amazingly put together.

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