January 6th, 2017

moby play

Oh god, maybe I should write a post now

Hi, new people! I have mostly used this journal to talk about fandom, complain about petty bullshit, and sometimes mention what sorts of physical activities I've been doing.

I haven't really posted in a while, but here's a list of things I am currently into (or could be into, maybe):
  1. Mike Richards sad feelings. IDEK, you guys. His life is so sad. Except for the parts where he wins a whole bunch of things with his best bro, which is more than a whole bunch of NHL players or hopeful players can say. Maybe he's actually happy in his hometown fishing all the time and hanging out with his dog(s) and being mostly retired? I can only hope.

  2. Midnighter and Apollo. I've been fond of them for a while, but of course, I didn't care until they had relationship drama and broke up. They're back together and doing some sort of Orpheus and Eurydice storyline that involves a whole lot of punching people in the face, and I am here for this.

  3. Critical Role. I haven't talked about this mostly because convincing people that no, really, I do enjoy 3-5 hour episodes of voice actors playing D&D. It's a thing! It's great background noise because you can drift in and out, which is/was always my problem with podcasts.

  4. Yurio/Otabek from Yuri on Ice. This is apparently the big new shiny fandom, and I understand why. I enjoyed the show when I watched it, but I didn't have any desire to read/write the main ship of Yuuri/Viktor, mostly because the show gave me enough feelings about them and their relationship. But Yurio and Otabek do seem like an interesting secondary ship that could use some fleshing out, which is what intrigues me about them. How exactly do the two of them work it out? How does it progress over the years?

  5. Climbing & parkour. Things I am doing! I love doing them. So much of it is about focusing on your own body and what it's capable of and figuring out how to improve it. I could (should?) write entire posts about this later, so I won't ramble on too much about it here.

  6. Hexcells. Soothing puzzle game. I've been playing the daily infinite levels, which are super hit or miss, but which are still soothing. The main constructed levels are really excellent.

  7. You Must Build A Boat. Kind of a match-3 game that I also find soothing and goofy and fun. I have played through it a countless number of times over different devices.

Anyway, I am going to see Hidden Figures tomorrow, and hopefully I can add it to this list.

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