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OK. So maybe I have craploads of issues

I think I'm going to participate in Scimitar Smile's Green Lion fic contest. I doubt I'll win anything, but I sort of want to see if I'm any good. OK, so I'll probably get wiped out leik whoa, but I have an idea, and it can't really hurt, can it?

I also sorta want to get stuff archived at Touka Koukan, but I'm feeling lazy at the moment. Not to mention scared at the thought of actually being hosted somewhere OMG.

Am doing my MIT interview on Friday. YAY. I think I'm going to attach my story from CTY's Fiction class as part of the "something you've created" section, even though it kinda sucks. I was tempted to take one of my more gen fics and change names, but that seems dishonest, somehow. One of the teachers writing my recommendations wasn't in school today. Ack.

My school's NHS is so dumb. Applications have only been handed out about now. When I'm knee deep in stuff I actually care about. Thanks a lot, dumbasses.

Our liberal club is showing Farenheit 9/11 after school next Thursday. It seems like there will be some good turn out for it. Despite a couple attempts to make it to movie theaters over the summer, I still haven't not seen it, so I'm psyched.

I'm thinking of making a site to host my fiction on . I don't know, though, as I'm busy.
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