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My long talked about fic site. Much better than my memories.

Random crap about the fic I'm working on (idea stolen from jjtaylor and others)

Switching Off
ROY: *grows really old and dies*
STILL ALIVE PEOPLE: He was such and awesome person, but we have to talk about how horrible he was too.
ED: *shows up in one of my fics* I hated that asshole, but I kinda, sorta respected him, too.
ME: You are aware that you get slashed with him all the time?
ED: Yes, STFU.

R/S thing
ME: This isn't a songfic. Really.
"LIKE A ROLLING STONE": *plays in background*
SIRIUS: *angsts*
ME: Nice, but what about the next drabble thing?
"LIKE A ROLLING STONE": *plays in background*
SIRIUS and REMUS: *angst*
ME: Ok. Fine.
"LIKE A ROLLING STONE": *plays in background*
REMUS: *angsts*

Requisite Hughes!death fic
ROY: look, mommy! no capitalization!
HUGHES: *is dead*
ROY: *angstangstangstonlysortoffollowsthefivestagesofgrief*
ME: yay! angst! but where's the slash? i forgot again, didn't i? DAMNIT.

NaNoWriMo novel
IT: You know you want to write me.
ME: Piss off. I have homework and applications.
IT: But you like Post-apocalyptic road trips! Plus, you can prove to the world that you can write original characters.
ME: Did you see the line before you?
IT: Yes. Now write me.
ME: One more day, and lots of work left. Then, I write you.
IT: You suck.
ME: Your mom sucks.

Random other fic
ROY: Boy, do I like Sundays!
ME: Funny, so do I. And I like gratuitous descriptions of sunlight in mornings.
ROY: I like Hughes, too.
HUGHES: Let's have sex.
ROY: Sure, it's not like you're married or anything.

dreieck (aka the threesome!fic)
ROY: I'm screwing Liza.
LIZA: I'm screwing Hughes.
HUGHES: I'm screwing Roy.
ME: Now, if I could only write porn.

the het!fic
LIZA: I'm, er, in love with Roy. Yeah, that's it.
ME: I suck at het.

EDIT: I forgot one impotant one.
There There (aka the crazy crossover fic)
SIRIUS: I am mysteriously sucked into another world on the other side of the veil.
ROY: Cool. So, you're angsting over your lover? So am I!
SIRIUS: Alchemy=magic, wow.
ROY: I want to pull off a human transmutation, and I need you help.
SIRIUS: Sure, let's have angsty!thinking of other people!sex.
ME: So what heppens now?
tatooine: Sirius dies. For real this time.
ME: Cool.
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