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-So Roy actually does do non-flame alchemy. Cool.
-Masters of War has been Jossed. Woe. I should have figured that it would be in the end.
-Maria Ross is way too cool
-Breda and Roy plotting to kill her if she really did murder Hughes is just so perfectly in character. It gives me warm fuzzy feelings
-So, yeah, that Scar character... I actually like him in his creepy!terrorist!state. I mean, conflicted!Scar was cool, but this is an interesting development.
-Hohenheim w00t! I can't wait to see how this goes down.

I have 2, 500 words of a new Hughes/Roy fic. It's going to be pretty long, so I'll probably post it as a WIP once I get farther along. It's dark and depressing. I'm getting kind of sick of writing Roy depressed. And I'm guessing that most of the people who read my fics are thinking the same thing. the thing is, I really want to write this. Maybe I'll just write one other short light hearted thing, just to you know, counteract the craploads of angst I've been writing lately.

I'm also tempted to make a writing journal. Because all the cool people are doing it.

Bio sucks. I hate plants.

The Hire was an awesome series. I love it so.
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