thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

Random thoughts on characterization and fanon in FMA

-Roy is an asshole. He really is. He's also a denial-loving, self-flagellating, self-centered angst-whore in need of some sort of stability and sanity or else he'll drown in his own self-pity. I write him accordingly.

-Hughes is not always cheerful. Like the rest of the human population, he has bad days. Heck, he even has them canonically.

-Hughes/Roy makes more sense than Roy/Ed. And no one will ever be able to convince me otherwise.

-Getting worked up over seme/uke distinctions is a waste of time. If all of you HP slashers though it was bad when people argue over who tops in S/R, you should see the craziness in anime fandoms. They have naming systems to distinguish.

-Roy and Hughes are cursers. Roy especially. They are particularily fond of the word "fuck".

-Even though I think anything can be solved with threesomes (Harry/Ron/Hermione 4eva!), I don't see Hughes/Gracia/Roy. Hughes/Roy/Hawkeye maybe

-Hughes is an observant character. He loves details. He also loves his family a lot. He may be having a gay affair with Roy, but he still loves his family.

-Hawkeye will fuck your shit up. That's why I like her.


I need to go work on my ship_manifesto essay. And my homework. And college applications. What I don't need to be doing is write fic. Nope.
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