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Stuff I've been reading/watching/listening

Naruto - Man. I read all 239 chapters of the manga in a few days. It's nowhere near as crack addicting as FMA, but it's entertaining. Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura all irritate me to varying degrees, so it's hard to really enjoy it. I so love Kakashi though. He reminds me of Tristan from King Arthur (the movie, not the legend), all mellow and vaguely insane. Not really digging the Kakashi/Iruka, even though, in theory, I should.

Alias - I read fic in this fandom before I even saw in an episode. I've also established I am way too in love with Jack Bristow, as well as Jack/Irina (het omg!) because their relationship is just so fucked up it's beautiful. I've only seen the first episode, but it's quite awesome and addicting.

The Garden State Soundtrack - I listened to it once and fell in love. THANK YOU SO MUCH shnarf! It's mellow and atmospheric and spacy just the way I like it. The overall mood reminds me of the Lost in Translation Soundtrack but mellower. It's just so quiet and affecting and heartbreaking in its mellowness. And now I've said "mellow" way too many times. Bwahahahahaha.

Getting Foobar to work the way I want it to - For some reason Foobar is a bitch when it comes to IDv2 tags. I have no idea why, so basically whenever I ripped something with CDex, it would only show the filename, which was really annoying. But then I wanted to try out some of Foobar's spiffier features, like the Album List, and it just wouldn't work, which made me sad. So I found the feedb component and used that to grab all the titles and track information. It was excellent. I also found this site full of nifty formatting tricks. w00t.

You also get a chance to see how awesome tabbed playlists are.

crack_van and try_this_fic - Multi-fandom rec communities that are incredibly well set up. try_this_fic is the anime/manga exclusive version, which is sort of floundering from lack of reccers. I would, but I don't read nearly enough fic to feel comfortable reccing. Man, if there's a new fandom you're getting into, crack_van is awesome. Fandom overviews, excellently organized memories, and craploads of recs. I am so in love with it, it's not even funny.

U2 - I'm not really getting excited about this album, because if I anticipate, I'll just be bumbed when it doesn't live up to my expectations. I haven't dowloaded the mp3s because that feels like cheating. Don't ask me why. From what I hear, it doesn't seem like it'll be as good as ATYCLB and I want it to be so badly. Woe.

College apllications - I'm getting close to finishing the common app. There's still going to be shitloads of work to do over Thankgiving break.

Writing/icon-making - Not happening. Seriously.
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