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I wasn't lying when I said that feedback encourages me to write faster. Somehow I managed to write out the next chapter of I Might Be Wrong on paper. All it needs now is to be typed up, read through and a betaed before I can post the next part. w00t.

Of course this means I'm ignoring the whole thedeadparrot+plot = OMGWTFMAKEITSTOP equation, but hey, I'll do my best.

I need to write Alias fic. Really. And with Jack. Because Jack is just really way too awesome. Heck, maybe I'll even write Jack/Sloane. eww. it makes sense, but still. ew.

This reminds me why I like humanity.

Oh, and I need to work on my ship_manifesto essay. It's all sucky and not nearly finished and stuff.

I've been working on a new layout for my graphics site. I like it lots, but I still need to convert all my old pages into the new layout, which is just going to suck. Blech.
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