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FMA related ramblings

Hopefully, there will be new I Might Be Wrong this week. Mostly depending on tatooine's workload. *pokes for beta*

-Hohenheim is my hero, OMG.
-Hurt!Roy talking to coroner dude (Knox, isn't it?) is hilarious. I'm having Alias flashbacks, what with all the super sekrit deals. (Jack/Roy 4eva. You know I'll do it, too.)
-Havoc! I cry for you and your legs!
-I could have sworn Marcoh was deader than dead, before. I GUESS HE WILL BE AGAIN, SOON.
-Breda is way kick-ass. w00t.

So, yeah, Hohenheim creeps me out, though his obliviousness is just endearing. There's some indication that Trisha was all crazy and homunculified before Pinako put her down, which is interesting.

Havoc's injury is interesting, at least. It took me by surprise, actually, as Havoc has been hurt for a chapter and NO ONE BOTHERED TO MENTION IT. It's like Hughes dying in 15 and the funeral happening in 17 or something. It makes you want to go, bzuh? What the hell just happened?

I am still waiting for more War!Hughes. Yis.

In other news, I am so in love with Interpol, it's not even funny.
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