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Top five fannish scenes that make me squee every single time I see them:

1. The scene in the X-Files movie, where Mulder almost kisses Scully. It gives me the warmest fuzziest feeling ever. I don't care that not much actually happens. It's enough that Chris Carter is fucking with my head and I'm liking it.

2. Episode 25, FMA. I'm torn between the "It's raining" scene, and the flashback scene. THE HUGHES/ROY CALLS TO YOU, RESISTANCE IS FUTILE.

3. The shrieking shack scene, PoA movie. The touching! The affection! The gay! It doesn't hurt that David Thewlis and Gary Oldman are well, David Thewlis and Gary Oldman.

4. "You've got two halves of a cocnut and you're banging 'em together!" Oh man, I love that scene, and who can't squee just because Holy Grail is beginning? (PS. Monty Python is a fandom if I say it is. So there.)

5. When Jack drives up and yells "Get in!", and Sydney goes, "Daddy?!" during the Alias pilot. I love it so. That's so them.
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