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I Might Be Wrong (Part III) - In which something resembling a plot emerges. Sort of.

Title: I Might Be Wrong (Part III)
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Pairing: Roy/Hughes
Spoilers: through 51
Summary: Roy hasn't learned from other people's mistakes
Previous Parts: Prologue | Part I | Part II
Notes: For chapters that are less than 1000 words long, it's taking me an awfully long time to churn these things out. Once again, thanks to tatooine, who has been having a sucky week. *sends love, liek whoa*


Staring at dead bodies never gets easier.‭ ‬Roy learned that long time ago.‭ ‬This one was particularly gruesome,‭ ‬though,‭ ‬and images of hacked up women flit through his mind.‭ ‬That was in the past though,‭ ‬he needs to focus on now.‭ ‬He stands in the morgue,‭ ‬staring at what was the remains of one James Glock.

The victim was a mid-thirties male with short black hair,‭ ‬pale skin,‭ ‬and dark eyes.‭ ‬It wasn't easy to tell anything else about him,‭ ‬as his body now looked like a massive bruise,‭ ‬all blues and purples.‭ ‬Beaten to death.‭ ‬Roy still wonders at the breadth of human cruelty.‭ ‬It's possible that the few days in the morgue heightened the appearance,‭ ‬made it worse,‭ ‬but it still looks horrible.‭ ‬A slash across Glock's stomach is stained red,‭ ‬but it wasn't what killed him.‭ ‬It's not severe enough.‭

He inspects the body as thoroughly as possible,‭ ‬glancing over spider webs of broken veins and arteries,‭ ‬doing his best to check for any clues that might have been left behind,‭ ‬that the coroner missed.‭ ‬Nothing.‭ ‬Glock was beaten to death by someone.‭ ‬That's all they really know.‭ ‬Roy wants to hit his head against a wall.

He listens as a few other inspectors report what they've found.‭ ‬There doesn't seem to be any motive.‭ ‬No money was taken.‭ ‬Glock didn't have any real enemies.‭ ‬From the looks of it,‭ ‬the man himself was clean.

The murderer had written something on the wall with the victim's blood.‭ ‬It had been washed off a few days ago,‭ ‬but the inspector in charge had a picture and a transcription of what had been written.‭ ‬Roy stares the picture.

The words were written messily,‭ ‬without much care for neatness.‭ ‬He can distinguish a few words,‭ ‬but beyond that,‭ ‬nothing.‭ ‬There seems to be a blur at the corner of the picture,‭ ‬but that's probably just a fluke.‭ ‬The transcription is almost as incomprehensible.

‭"‬How much more grievous are the consequences of wrath than the causes of it‭?" ‬is written neatly on the paper the detectives handed him.‭ ‬He puzzles over it,‭ ‬turns it over in his brain.‭ ‬Maybe the murder was done in a moment of anger,‭ ‬but it doesn't seem likely.‭ ‬What random beater leaves cryptic messages on walls‭? ‬It looks like the work of a serial killer,‭ ‬but there's only been one murder,‭ ‬so there's no pattern,‭ ‬no consistencies.‭ ‬The words could describe just about anything.‭ ‬He doesn't know.

There's not enough to go on.‭ ‬It's an isolated incident,‭ ‬but the killer seems like a psychopath.‭ ‬He's going to kill again,‭ ‬and Roy wants to stop him.‭ ‬He just doesn't know where to start.

Maes was always the best at this,‭ ‬the puzzling out of semi-related details into a coherent picture.‭ ‬The thought sends another spike of pain through Roy.‭ ‬What a waste.‭ ‬What a fucking waste of a life.‭ ‬Maes should be doing this,‭ ‬not Roy.‭ ‬Roy doesn't even know where to start.‭ ‬All he can do is wait.

When Roy gets back to his office,‭ ‬he stares at the casefile until the words overlap.‭ ‬He thinks he has all the details memorized,‭ ‬but they don't mean anything.‭ ‬Facts thrown together.

Maes should be here.‭ ‬He should be here,‭ ‬and they should be talking about the case,‭ ‬bouncing ideas off one another.He punches the desk with his left hand,‭ ‬and the pain is pleasantly numbing.‭

Hawkeye gets him some ice,‭ ‬and reminds him that there's no point in abusing himself over this case.‭ ‬Roy would agree,‭ ‬but the frustration is eating away at him piece by piece,‭ ‬and he doesn't know any way of getting it to stop.


Interlude‭ ‬3:

Two brothers and a blonde haired girl walked through a valley of automail.‭ ‬They talked of trivial things,‭ ‬like games won with alchemy and a teacher that lurked behind every corner.

When another girl stole the older brother's watch,‭ ‬they chased after.‭ ‬It wasn't innocent,‭ ‬not really,‭ ‬but the death of a lieutenant colonel was far away,‭ ‬the death of James Glock even more so.

Central carried on without them.
Tags: fic, fma, i might be wrong
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