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Randomness! (now 20% off!)

I am tired, miserable and hungry.

Oh, and I'm being archived at Scimitar Smile now. Which means I am a 133t author of the FMA fandom. Or something. I'm not quite sure.


Anyway, I did much better on the Writing SAT II this time, though the grade is still kind of eh. 710, which is a whole 60 points above the 650 I got last time.

I hate college application essays.

I like Banana Pocky.

The Christmas fic and I are at an impasse. It wants to end up fluffy and cheerful. I want to write angst. And not I Might Be Wrong, because I'm getting frustrated with it (and I'm getting lazy, which is not a good sign). Grr. I do have 1,400 words of a random Alias fic. I think my Jack is way too mellow and untrospective (not that Jack can't be mellow and introspective, just that he isn't as much as I portray him to be). kisskisskiss? Would you be willing to beta Alias fic?

I also feel like my style is mutating as I'm writing I Might Be Wrong. It makes me sad, because I'm thinking about doing another edit after I finish it to give it some sort of consistency. (You guys probably can't see it now, but tatooine sort of knows what I'm talking about.)

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