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Fandom To-do list:
1. Finish Maybe Tomorrow-verse Christmas fic. (Watch Love Actually in order to get into the really cheesy holiday spirit.)
2. Finish people's icons (I'm part of the way through, but I'm having random "OMG THIS SUX" attacks).
3. Edit Jack/Irina fic.
4. Finish Part VIII of I Might Be Wrong
5. Finish Jack/Sloane fic.

I can't believe I've actually become, y'know, involved in fandom. That's so bizarre.

Anyway, I feel sad. Mostly because I'm one of the least focused, disorganized, laziest people EVER. If I actually wanted to finish this essay, it probably would be done right now. But I'm not, and it's causing me and my parents misery. Fuck. I'm whining.
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