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Randomness! Now with linkage!

I realized I completely fucked up the timeline of I Might Be Wrong and realized that beating my outline into shape cut out extraneous scenes. This makes me happy because I am really sick of writing this fic already. OK, so maybe that's my own fault for making the premise so repetitive, but WHATEV. I'm definitely going to finish it, becuase I'd hate to let down my readers (all 3 of them).

The Beatles Icon Project - organized by ignited. There's some great stuff there, and I need to go hide becuase of the sheer amount of icons I contriubted. Haw.

I can't seem to get a handle on my Jack characterization. Fuck.

Big post full of shiny fandom links. Lots of meta discussion on writing, fandom, and realism. And I mean lots. Second part of it is here. There's nothing quite as interesting as reading some long essays on the meta in fandom. w00t.
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