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Why don't I think that the best title for my ship_manifesto essay is "It's Raining, Fo'shizzle"? It does have a certain ring to it, but it doesn't seem quite right, y'know? I still have at least another two hundred words to write for it. That's nothing, right? RIGHT?

School sucked ass. No, really. It was bad.

I have realized that I love really fucked up pairings in Alias. Except Sarkney, because Sark bores me for some reason. And is usually accompanied by unneccesary Vaughn bashing. Don't get me wrong, I dislike Vaughn, but really, for some reason a lot of Sarkney seems to make him into a complete and utter incompetent. If I think he is, that's one thing. If the show thinks that, it's something different. You have to play by the show's rules. I mean, Sydney really sucks as an agent, considering all the stupid crap she does, but the show insists she's good, so I have to write her accordingly.

Not that I've actually written her yet or anything. But if I did... Screw it. I'm going to write some more really creepy Jack/Sloane.

Alias S4 premieres in a few days, which probably means I should just post my Jack/Irina fic so it doesn't get jossed then. Or not. kisskisskiss, did you have a chance to look it over? I know it's probably been pretty hellish over the last few days.

daringu wrote me Hughes/Roy themes. Mangaverse, too! She and tatooine really know the way to my heart.

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