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Further thoughts on Alias, after getting a chance to think about it:

1. Etta James in the beginning, yay!
2. You know you've gotten too used to FMA when burning down a house seems like a perfectly valid form of closure.
3. I need to write tons of little Jack POV snippets of the stuff that takes place between S3 and S4. Drabbles, probably.
4. Sydney and Vaughn are so going to crash and burn. It'll be beautiful.
5. Weiss = Will redux
6. APO looks like the inside of an iPod. Or maybe even the inside of the Apple offices.
7. Jack and Sloane so need to snark at each other about parenting methods. And have really strange sexual tension together.
8. The value of a show to fandom (and fic writing) is not dependent on the quality of the show. All you need are a semi-interesting premise and at least one interesting character.

Went out to help my dad with the whole "heaping piles of snow" thing, and now my hair smells like oil. Ick.

ETA: The SixApart thing doesn't bother me too much. Brad seems to think that they'll give him total control oer his baby, and I'm inclined to believe him.
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