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Alias 4x03

- Marshall! Hee. I love him so.
- I really need to learn Jack's endgame. Really. That guy really has something up his sleeve. And the sorta-smile during the party!
- Sloane's little smile while looking at Jack was way cute. OMG. And his convo with his daughter was sweet.
- "Well, I have Mitchell." "He's fourteen months old." *snerk*
- Marshall! Yelling! It's cute, actually. In a very Marshall sort of way.
- Jack and Nadia. Eeeenteresting.
- Sloane and Jack need to get a room.
- Dude. Weiss. Is way too sweet and lovable for his own good. "You're black ops! Totally!"
- Ha! With the whole, Jack lying to Nadia thing! There's definitely something Jack isn't telling Sydney, too. Probably involving Vaughn.
- I like Nadia. Though I'm going to have to a lot of work if I want to be able to write her convincingly.

P.S. There is definitely Jack/Nadia subtext. Seriously.
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