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Alias 4x04: Ice

I liked it, I guess. Kinda "Monster of the Week", but still, a little interesting.

- They're not playing down the "Vaughn has serious issues" thing, which is good. Very good.
- Ice 5 for some reason reminds me of Ice 9. Vonnegut represent.
- I totally get Marshall and his geekiness. I have to attempt to write him one day. Baby pictures! He is too cute.
- "I did. I don't now." What was this a reference to? Jack "seeing" Irina as a vision of his dead wife?
- Vack!
- Random baby! I hope we find out who it is.
- I love Nadia and Sydney as the weird, strangely functional SpySisters.
- Sydney snarking on Sloane is always fun. She definitely picked up Jack's sense of humor.
- Weiss' "You're married" over Nadia's shoulder was perfect. Hee.
- Vaughn as a priest. Bwahahaha.
- Jack/Weiss/Nadia. The real Triangle.
- Sloane and Nadia are way cool, though I love anything with Jack or Sloane in it, so I'm not really the best judge, am I?
- Vaughn is such a pussy. Ha. And the tearful confession? Kinda cheesy, but hey. He's hot at least.
- Jack! And he has a niece! Be still my heart! And the affection was so real and so restrained. I love him so much.
- Next week looks like Arcadia (from the X-Files) on crack. Then again, that's what I thought when I read the episode description a while back.
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