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meme picked up from somewhere

So...tell me something about you. Favorite character. Favorite food. Something funny you do. Whatever you like. Just make it something that gives me a sense of who you are.

There's no pressure to participate, of course. If you'd rather just lurk, that's fine, too. But if you feel like coming out of the woodwork, I'd love to hear from you!

This goes for the people I know in RL, too, of course.

About me:
1. I only write two characters at the moment, hopefully this will will change.
2. U2 was the first band I really, really fell in love with.
3. I am very, very Asian, in a stereotypical way. Except I can't cook. And I like take-out a lot.
4. Lyrics mean very little to me when I listen to music. I'm so much more interested in the music. This doesn't mean that I don't like lyrics, it just means that I can listen to good music with bad lyrics and like it.
5. Reading is my life. I love reading and always will.


Writing is actually working out nicely. The next chapter of IMBW is coming out so easily I'm surprising myself. Hallucinatory!Nadia fic is also beginning to take shape after sitting in my notebook doing nothing. w00t. I need to work out some stuff, and I think I need to see S3 again, but I have transcripts and screencaps for reference at least.

OMG so scared of partitioning my HD, but I'm sure I'll be better after I do some backup.
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