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Alias 4x05 - Welcome to Liberty Village

Let me just say one thing: MARSHALL.

- Marshall calling Jack "Boss" amused me greatly for some reason.
- Sloane being all sensitive! It's so cute!
- I convulse in squees every single time Jack and Sloane talk to one another. I've got a mean case of fangirl.
- The premise, while contrived and dumb, is less contrived and dumb than it sounded at first.
- Jack is so badass, I think I wish I could just sit around and try to absorb his badassosity
- Dude, was Marshall just hitting on Jack or what?
- Oooh. Sentinel. Another mystery to uncover.
- Irina's emotional attachments. Huh. Still, in the world of Alias, it's still hard to verify.
- Elena? Dude, it was about time she showed up.
- I guess the premise wasn't as stupid as it could have been. It was strange, to say the least, and there was something interesting about
- I missed to promo for next week's show. Whatever. GIMME MORE JACK. AND SOME MARSHALL, TOO.

Maybe Sloane and Jack and Irina pulled this scenario in order to hunt down Elena? We still don't know why they're after Elena. Ack. Brain. Stupid getting stupider thing.
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