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OK, so GRUB is working now, but when I start up, I get tons of kernel errors because of some inability to load modules and I have no idea what it means. Xorg is being dumb and refuses to autodetect my monitor, which means I have lots of crap I need to add to the config file myself. *shakes fist at weird monitor*

Ah, Gentoo. I still love you and all your fickleness.

Had some good times today, too, despite having to go into school for a lab. Laughing with friends is always brilliant, to say the least.

There was this Verona Beach AU thing going around a while back, which was neat. Verona Beach was the setting of Baz Luhrmann's update of Romeo and Juliet (the one with Leonardo DiCaprio), and it was this neat, hyperstylized sort of place. I like hyperstylized places.
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