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So random you barely know what hit you.

I'm digging Comparative Goverment, even though I have to read way too many sites for random world news. My teacher is really soft-spoken and crazy liberal. In a good way.

Health is going to end up being the equivalent of a study hall. That's how pointlessly dumb it is. Plus, my teacher's a moron.

Still sick, but now I have Tylenol. Hooray for over-the-counter drugs.

Xorg's still not up and running. Am tempted to try Vida Linux, as it has an easy installer and uses a Gentoo system. Sure, this might be some form of sacrilidge, but at this point, I'm tempted to bash my head against a wall.

Blah, blah blah, next chapter of IMBW is close to getting done. I will finish this fic, even if it has to suck in the process.
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