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I'm tired, pissy and thirsty. So these will be so incoherent and rambly, you won't know what hit you.

Rant 1: FMA for lykaios

FMA in a nutshell: Two kids try to bring their mother back to life and lose various limbs and try to find a magical stone to get them back. Lots of stuff happens in the process! (Yes, I'm oversimplifying here.)

I love FMA. It's interesting and deep and appealing. The characters, while being able to fit into archetypes, as complex and real, despite the crazy world they live in. Alchemy works on top of an interesting pseudo-science. It's happy and shiny and surprisingly non-sexual as it's a show for the kiddies, even though it does have grown up appeal.

So yeah, FANDOM. Which is so completely batshit, I'm not quite sure I have words to describe it. Why is it always the fandoms targeted to kids that we have stuff like Scar/Roy? I mean, not to disparage fans of Scar/Roy, but they're not exactly on the best terms. Ever. In fact, they spend lots of time trying to kill/apprehend each other.

And Elricest. It's pretty canon supported, but man, Syd/Nadia in the Alias world would be one tenth as accepted as Elricest is. Dude, why is that? People are all like, "and over in this corner, there are the Elricest shippers. Second only to the Roy/Ed shippers, these people are a fairly nice fandom mainstay. Next, we move on to the..." when giving fandom tours. SO WEIRD OMG.

Along the same lines, why is everything so damn sexualized? Sure things are pretty and shiny and people want to see them interact, but I seriously doubt anyone would sit through the entire FMA series just to see the pretty. Because there are far prettier things out there. Part of me feels bad, because to some degree, I like the sexualization of it. I participate in it, but there are times when my brain tries to explode when reading Roy/Ed. Simply because I Just. Don't. Get. It.

Oh, and the yaoi haters need to STFU, too. Because WE FUCKING GET IT, YOU DON'T LIKE THE CHARACTERS GAY. Now go play with the straight versions, and we can play with the gay ones.

Rant #2: GI Joe doll used as hostage for tatooine

No, seriously, what the fuck? So a group set up a doll to look like a captive soldier and started making threats? I'm still not sure what the significance of this event is, as I only just Googled it now. Of course, I find the most amusing thing about all of this is that the Arabic behind the soldier contains misspellings. Yeah. Despite common perception, there are Americans that can read Arabic.

I'm surprised that they thought it would work in the first place. The US governemt, while occasionally (ok, frequently) stupid and incompetent, is fully capable of finding out if soliders are missing and whether or not their name is "John Adam". Really. Come on.

In short, people are either really dumb or really sick and they deserve a giant WHAT THE FUCK?


Rant #3: MIT for shnarf

MIT's unofficial motto is IHTFP, which is valued for its abilit to mean a wide range of things. I won't going into that, as it's kind of long and involved and this is my rant, dammit. I can be as nonsensical as I want.

So yeah, MIT. Nerd Central. A place I want to go. A large part of me thinks that it's out of my league entirely, way too good for the likes of little ol' me. Plus, they really don't need more Asians. I meean, 30% isn't actually a small percentage when you get right down to it. My grades suck, too. And I may have totally screwed up my interview.

Part of my isn't sure that I'll even like MIT (ooh, look at me, abusing the italics). I find that I am very, very lazy in a not so good type of way. If I go to one of the most industrious places on the face of this Earth, I don't know what will happen, but it will be bad. Evil, even.

Some of the hacks are lame, too.
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