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Random squee.

I'm all asquee because of the fact that Sin City was on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. The article was nicely informative, too. I so can't wait to see it myself. Clive Owen! Red Converse! He looks really weird on the cover, but the picture inside is really good.

Carnivale thoughts (not spoilery):
- I really like Ben/Sofie as a ship, not so much because they're omgsorightforoneanother as much as they're sad and alone and they want to lean on each other for some sort of support. I don't know if that's the direction they're going in for the show, or if they're doing the omgthey'redestined route, but for now, I like it.
- Brother Justin is so very creepy. In a good way.
- There's this awesome atmosphere to the show that I love. I don't care how stupid this show gets, how pointless the plot is, how utterly unlikable the characters become, the atmosphere will draw me back in. Every single time.
- Nick Stahl is Sin City. w00t!
- Nick Stahl also has Unfortunate Ears. And they are more Unfortunate than Victor Garber's ears. And that's saying something.

Speaking of Victor Garber, he was in Godspell, way back when. Is there anything more hilarious than thinking of Jack Bristow as the hippie Jesus (complete with giant 'fro)? I think not.
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