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I shall watch lots of TV, and it shall be good.

Got a TiVo, which seems happy and shiny and fun. YAY. So I can watch lots of Alias in a row. And stuff. Ooh! And I can finally record the FMA dub, too.

Also have Alias S2 DVDs that I'm in the process of watching. The general concensus is that it's the best Alias season EVAR, and I think I agree. Irina kicks ass, Jack is all snotty and Sloane is all ooky and it's way too much fun.

I would have Carnivàle S1 DVDs, but sadly enough, there were none at Best Buy.

And have found my ability to write! It's even going to be long! *flail* It's Alias, though, and could put a (larger) crimp in my IMBW writing. But! Writing!
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