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4x08: Echoes

So, a really good episode. Felt almost like the old Alias. If the old Alias was stacked to the gills with HoYay.

I am so in love with this episode. The sheer amount of Jack/Sloane slashy goodness was amazing. Not to mention the Sydney/Anna/Nadia slashiness. And the Vaughn/Sark. OMG. A plot arc doesn't exactly emerge, but there are hints of one. Especailly regarding the Cwhatzzit. And the Rambaldi subplot.

Irina got another shoutout, which was interesting, at least.

That burn looks really painful. I'm guessing that it has long-term reprecussions that we don't know about, which make me happy. Really happy. Disgustingly happy, even.

Who would have thought that Rambaldi could only improve the show?

Next week - More promise of Jack/Sloane goodness! w00t. Am curious about what Jack's up to, but that's that.
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