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That Next Book In The Shadow Series.

Shadow of the Giant is kinda crap, but at least it's entertaining crap. I'm also glad that my library had it, and that it was still here today when I was working there. Mostly because this means I don't have to pay in order to read it.

- Peter is far too stupid at times, though he does have moments of brilliance and I still love him.
- The Peter/Petra was way too transparent from the moment when Bean said that Petra should remarry. It was vomit-inducing.
- The last conversation between Ender and Peter was surprisingly moving. It was hands-down the moment in the entire book.
- Han Tzu did definitely get enough time in this book.
- There will be Peter-less sequel and that depresses me. I think, because I care so very little about Bean and his condition. In fact. I don't care about that at all.
- I get this really bad sexism vibe here for some reason, mostly because Petra and Virlomi have had all interesting characteristics stripped of them. I mean, Petra is used again as a awkward, sort-of convenient love interest, as if it weren't enough to do it once. Virlomi goes crazy and marries Alai in a play for power. Dude WTF?
- What the hell was up with Peter using the same, fucking trick when it has little to no relevance on the plot and sounds so much stupider the second time he does it.

In conclusion: The Peter was ok to good, the Bean stuff was boring, Orson Scott Card is a misogynist, and I still love Ender like a crazy person.

In other news: I have rediscovered my Star Wars love, even though Ep III is going to suck major ass. Whee! Star Wars! KotoR II! I need to go watch my DVDs!
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