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Carnivàle is really hitting its stride these days. It makes me so happy. All that build up is beginning to pay off.

Ben is not longer a moron. Yay. In fact, he's probably more powerful than Justin at this point, and that makes me happy. Nick Stahl is fucking awesome. Plus, he and Samson have a nifty relationship, and Jonesy looks like he's going to be one of Ben's disciples. Or something. I really can't wait for Sunday (or Monday, rather, as that's the first time I'm actually going to get a chance to see the new episode. Curse you, time slot! Curse you!)

There is so totally a story that needs to be told about Sofie ending up with Brother Justin. And I'm probably going to write it. *headdesk* I love Sofie, even though she was apparently a bitch last season, though I haven't seen it, so I can't confirm. Her role in the upcoming battle is still vague, but I'm excited. As the "Omega", I'm pretty sure she's whatever brings the Age of Reason, effectively ending the Age of Wonder, but exactly how that happens and what her part to play in the end have not been explained.

Iris probably has one kick ass endgame in which she plays everyone. I really hope that we get to see it, because that would be awesome. I really want to see how she reconciles the differences between helping and hurting Justin. I also really like their creepy incest vibes, though I don't think they're vibes at this point. I also really want to see how Sofie nixes things up, because I think Iris now has her position threatened, and Iris doesn't like her position threatened. At all.

Waa! Only three more episodes in this season!

I also think Sofie's (a) going to see Ben again when he goes after Justin or (b) she's going to find the mask of Ben that Justin has. Either way, it's going to be awesome. Whee! Oh, and I totally believe that Justin is her father. We'll see in the next episode, I'm pretty sure.

Dude. I didn't know that Nick Stahl was in Disturbing Behavior, a pretty stupid teen movie that I actually liked. I totally bought it a few years ago because I really like James Marsden and Katie Holmes, but now that I know Nick's in it, I have to watch it again, if only to go "OMG BEN AS A HIGH SCHOOL STONER". I think I may even have to get the DVD.

I am getting Carnivàle S1 from Amazon, which makes me quite happy. Double Whee!

Oh, and college decisions? What college decisions?
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