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Collected thoughts

So, yeah. I didn't really dig the last few Alias episodes. It wasn't because they were bad, per se, but I just didn't think they were good. The second part of the Anna and Sark arc, while still interesting, didn't measure up to the first part, and felt like a bit of a letdown. There was some good Jack/Sloane interaction, and more of their scheme seems to be emerging.

The episode after that one had a good buildup, but I think it was wrapped up too nicely, even though there was that dangling thread about what exactly Jack and Sloane are up to. Having Sydney suspect Sloane, and then have him seem innocent again in her eyes all in the same episode seemed a bit cheap. But that just might have been me.

I think I just might work on this FMA sorta gen piece instead of, I don't know, write more of IMBW.

For some strange reason, I bought the Disturbing Behavior DVD. Not sure why, but there are a few interesting things on it. A few.

I'm going to make Sin City icons. Maybe. Hopefully.
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