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We're going to see a Justin/Sofie confrontation over the Ben mask next week. I can't wait. In fact, I'm so impatient I just might write a ficlet before the episode airs. YES I KNOW I HAVE IT BAD. Whee!

So yeah, Justin's basically the Usher and Sofie's father now. It's a fact. Man, I am so up and ready for the finale, I wrote the date in my planner. I'm thinking that Iris' vision was also a memory, because Justin looks up and says "Iris." and how would Iris know about this if she wasn't there herself? It's not like Sofie knew.

Ben is incredibly hot while sleeping, and the hat he's going to be wearing is so cute. I could just pet it.

Poor Scudder. I am noticing the lack of blue blood, but that just could be that he never got his full boon from his father. I'm thinking that the floating head was a vision and not Scudder's actual head. Yeah. The horror movie scene was really cheesy though. Wasn't there a better way?

The Samson/Libby interation was really sweet. I liked it.

Overall, I think this week's episode was weaker than the last few, but I think it was mostly setup for the fun that's going to happen next. The two parallel storylines are going to collide! I really can't wait.

I still haven't back from MIT, even though this other kid in my town did(he got rejected), which means that a) I'm in and the larger envelope took longer to get to me b) the Postal Service sucks and by some freak chance it got my rejection late/gave it to someone else.

All of which tells me nothing. Fuck.

ETA: So, three people I know from this area have been rejected today. So yeah, it wasn't just that guy. This doesn't tell me anything either, but still.
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