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Alias and T3

Woohoo! Though the plot line was a little bizarre at times, I really liked this episode. Sam was a sweet, friendly guy, and I genuinely liked him. The tracking device was cheesy, but this is Alias. I'd probably be more surprised if it wasn't cheesy.

The Jack part of the storyline was just awesome. The idea that he had to kill his own protegè was brilliantly executed (no pun intended), and Victor Garber was just kick ass, as usual.

Shockingly enough, I like the slow tease of Vaughn's storyline. It reminds me of Carnivàle. Except not as cool, of course. The slow discovery of his father will give us a lot more dark!Vaughn, methinks.

Overall, I think this episode was stronger than last week's, if only because the Jack and Vaughn subplots were so excellent, and while the Sydney plot wasn't so great, it was still entertaining.

Terminator 3:
I was very much surprised at how little it sucked. I was never a big fan of the first two films (liked the second, never saw the first), but I was expecting this moved to be a mess. Though it didn't quite pack the emotional punch of the second movie, it did resonate to a certain degree. I adore Nick Stahl like crazy, but his John Connor is only an accent and a time period off from his Ben Hawkins. They have the same amount of dirt on them, too.

The ending was obviously gearing up for a possible fourth movie, but I don't think it should ever be made, if only because the war between humans and machines has been somewhat of a tease all this time, and I think it would definitely screw up the deliberate way that they've been dancing around it. Whatever, though. I'd probably wait until it came out on basic cable.

I'm still waiting for my Carnivàle S1 DVDs, omg. Hurry up, UPS!

In school-related news, I'm in danger of failing my math class because I haven't done my homework. I should start that soon.

Bah, one of my friend's birthday party is this weekend, which is kind of obnoxious. We're probably going to eat pizza and watch war movies, which should be fun, though.

ETA: Thanks for all the hugs, guys. I really do appreciate it. :)
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