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Dude, I am so very in love with this show it's kind of crazy. Next week is the big showdown. I literally can't wait.

I'm surprised at how closely my version of the mask scene actually mirrored the actual mask scene. That gave me a happy, because I'm such a canon whore. I was surprised that they had Ben and Sofie see wach other before that scene, but it makes more sense that way in retrospect, considering Sofie needs to have doubts about Bro. Justin.

I love smart!Ben. I totally saw the thing with the trench knife hidden in the wood, but it was still pretty sneaky. He really should stop holding the knife in some really obvious places, though. Be sneakier Ben!

Brother Justin is really beginning to lose it. Like seriously lose it. I really want to see it when he blows. The last shot of him staring out the window at the carnival was just brilliant. Hee.

Oh, and shut up, Lila.

Season 1 is so different in some ways from this one. Both Ben and Justin are really coming into their destinies. Storylines are being wrapped up instead of introduced. Ben and Justin are finally going to meet. Sofie and Iris are so wonderfully ambiguous that it makes me happy. Still, the seasons are still obviously from the same show, and hi, I'm getting kind incoherent here. I'm sure there was a point somewhere in here.

How excited am I for Sin City? More than words can express. There's a new trailer out, which features some new footage, including some notYellow Nick Stahl. Whee! It also prominently features Clive Owen's not-quite-American accent! Hee! I finished reading A Big Fat Kill, so I know what going on, which is fun. YAY.
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