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Alias was interesting last night, though it hasn't quite sucked me in the same way Carnivàle has.

It's strange that the thing I loved most about this episode was that was mostly in Spanish and that iw should have been. I think I have far too much cynicism toward television these days.

Getting Nadia's backstory was cool, though the parallels between hers and Sydney's seemed far too obvious? identical? That was irritating, though it was nice to see that Nadia was bad-ass. Strangely enough, it does sort of set her up as Sydney's foil in a nice way.

Is it me or are they making Marshall the butt of a few gay jokes?

In other news, I saw the first Terminator movie, which was very 80's (the hair, omg), but was still interesting and entertaining, nonetheless.

I love my TiVo. Like crazy.
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