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Good news:
- I have been formally accepted into Carnegie Mellon, which is not really much of a surprise.
- People hating on Carnivàle's season finale has not harshed my mellow.
- Sin City comes out this week.
- Somehow, I managed to spit out a 1000 word Carnivàle fic in like a couple hours. Yes, that is something to proud of (for me, at least).

Bad news:
- I am still waiting to hear from pretty much everyone else.
- It still makes me sad to see people hating on Carnivàle, even though I understand why they feel that way.
- Sin City is coming out at the end of this week, on our first day back at school. *shakes fist*
- The fic is so in my style (ie. rambly) that it almost makes me want to puke. Also, I have less than no audience. Dammit.
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