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I'm still going through all the information Brown, UPenn and Cornell have sent me. Dude, Cornell has a maximum monthly bandwidth, which is just sort of weird (and considering how completely and utterly addicted to the internet I am, not a good sign). Since I visited Brown over the summer, I don't think I'm gong again this time. I need to start talking to people. A lot of people. and visiting campuses. Rarr.

I have been working on graphics and such. Man, tutorials so glance over the fact that all (good) graphic-making is basically messing about with shit until it looks good. Sure, you pick up stuff like coloring and masking and all the little things that help making averge things good, but it's not like it's not pain-staking work. You tweak and you un tweak and you tweak again until it doesn't look like crap.
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