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Random McRandomson

I started writing a Sin City/FMA crossover, and realized it was crap. Not the concept, just the story. But I don't think I could capture the uber-cool noir of Sin City, anyway, so I'm not even going to try.

That said, I've been writing lots of random Carnivale stuff that never goes anywhere. Which isn't bad, per se, just not good either. Maybe I'll post my Terminator fic, despite the huge timeline issues. It's not like all the movies don't have serious timeline issues, anyway.

Revelations, the new TV show, amuses me. The commericals remind me of Carnivale, but maybe that's just because my obsession with that show gets the better of me sometimes.

I visited Vassar today, to hear Morgan Spurlock (the dude in Super Size Me) speak. It was gorgeous out, plus it was like Parent's Weekend, so the campus was pretty alive. Interestingly enough, I fit right in, because I went with my mom. Huh. He was incredibly funny, though, and pretty insightful. It was fun.

Tomorrow, I'm headed down to Philly to check out UPenn with my dad (who actually went there for grad school). It should be quite fun.
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