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areyousmart amuses me for some reason. I mean, they should rename themselves, "Are you someone who agrees with the leftist politics of the mods?" than any actual intelligence. They have one really simple algebra problem to solve (which someone got wrong, much to my amusement), and a paragraph correction, but other than that it's only based on your responses to the political questions.

The New York State Board of Regents offered me a $500 annual scholarship, as long as I go to a school within New York state. That's basically Cornell, though I don't think I like the rigid structure of the school system. Oh, well.

One of my friends got "delayed admission" to Cornell, where he has guaranteed transfer after one year, which is weird. Anyone else heard of it?

Alias tonight was kinda weird.

- WTF? That was a pretty bad fake out. Especailly after Carnivàle's brilliant one a few weeks ago. Bah.
- I'm going to miss Vaughn's storyline, as it was actually interesting and those pictures of Vaughn!SpyDaddy were actually kind of hot.
- Jack/Marshall is so ending up as my next OTP. They are way too cute (well, as cute as Jack gets, anyway).
- Katya kicks so much ass, though I think she definitely has flexible loyalties, if you know what I mean.
- How much do I hate brother!Sloane? Too much. The dude they got to play him was ripping off Ron Rifkin's mannerisms like crazy, and it looked less like someone related to Ron Rifkin than someone doing a parody of Ron Rifkin, you know? It was just stupid. Plus, we've never heard of the dude, and if he's a major player, you'd think people would have mentioned it by now, right?
- I still love Jack. And Sloane. And Jack/Sloane. Just sayin'
- Dark!Vaughn never quite worked for me, but it was interesting. And they kill it off before it ever had a chance. Woe. I really didn't like the stuff with the blonde. Mostly because it didn't seem quite right for some reason. I'll have to think it over.
- Overall, I enjoyed this episode. It was chock full of story arc goodness, and depsite the horrible reveal, it set up the rest of the season nicely.
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