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Random television thoughts:

Carnivàle: Dan Knauf has reportedly said that Ben and Sofie apparently "love each other more than life itself", which actually makes my inner Ben/Sofie shipper want to whack her head against a wall. Yes, I know I'm weird. The thing is, I don't like the thought of Ben and Sofie being crazy star-crossed lovers as much two people who understand each other. I guess I can accept it if they develop the relationship more and don't pull out any of the other star-crossed lovers tropes until the relationship has actually, you know, developed.

The phrasing that DK uses also smacks of foreshadowing. Death! Whee!

Alias: I take back everything I said about Sloane II, since he was trying to imitate Sloane I, I guess the similarity is warranted and even desired. Sloane I kicked so much ass in this week's episode, too. Man, Rambaldi does make this show better. Next week is full of Jackness! w00t!

Queer as Folk: So yeah, Showtime has been showing old episodes, and I've been watching. It's entertaining, and I'll TiVo it, but the complete lack of subtlety is incredibly irritating. I think I totally dig Ben/Michael, because Ben's hot and Michael's played by Hal Sparks (who kinda sucks as a dramatic actor, but whatever. He's Hal Sparks!). Brian/Jusitn actually bores me, and I'm still trying to decide whether I think Brian's an amusing-asshole or an asshole-asshole.

On a college note: I'm officially deciding where the hell I'm going on Monday. I think I'll talk all about college-trip stuff later.
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