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I am tempted to try joining campfuckudie, since it seems like a funny, amusing ride, but I suck at RPGing, though I think I'd be able to handle a prose RPG, simply because there would be more distance between me and the character, and it wouldn't require me to actually speak like the character, beause that's the one thing that I really, really suck at.

em4853: ill just tell you whats going to happens in episode 3
em4853: yoda is going to kill palpetine
em4853: and then its going to be revealed that darth sidious was actually mace windu
thedeadparrot: dude, that's so awesome omg
em4853: and palpetine was actually an innocent bystandard
thedeadparrot: bystandard?
em4853: maybe
em4853: lucas doesnt know how to spell
thedeadparrot: ::amused::
em4853: and then anikin is going to get a blow up doll of a girl obi wan
thedeadparrot: and do what?
thedeadparrot: burn it?
em4853: and hes going to starting making out with fighting the doll over a lava pit for fun
thedeadparrot: cool, cool
em4853: no wait
thedeadparrot: what next?
em4853: i striked that out wrong
em4853: hes going to make out with the obi wan doll
thedeadparrot: ok
thedeadparrot: that's cool too
em4853: and then hes going to fall in some lava
em4853: and be like
em4853: wa wa wa im a whiney little bitch
thedeadparrot: fun, fun
em4853: just because im seroiusly burned and on the verge of death and terrible pain
em4853: im just such a cry baby that i even cry in this situation
thedeadparrot: does he get a cool new costume?
em4853: nope
em4853: he just dies
thedeadparrot: still, cool
em4853: and then his twin brother , who was not seen until now
em4853: pretends to be him after he dies
thedeadparrot: nice
em4853: until he sees the obi wan doll over the lava pit, he also falls in and dies
thedeadparrot: what happens to the obi-wan doll?
em4853: it moves into a brick house where the wolf cant get it
em4853: and lives happily ever after
em4853: and then yaddle takes over anikins identity, and sience shes a yoda-species type shes not attracted to ewan mcgregor
thedeadparrot: what happened to obi-wan himself?
em4853: he decided to become a doll
em4853: and the yaddle gets freaky deaky with amadala
em4853: and makes twin babies
thedeadparrot: because she is attracted to natalie portman
em4853: who isnt?
thedeadparrot: good point
em4853: and thats where it leaves off for episode 4
thedeadparrot: excellent

I hate Zel Miller, just from the ten minutes he was on the Daily Show.

In addition to the FMA thing I'm working on, I just might be working on some Alias stuff, too. Yay! Next thing you know, I just might finish another chapter of IMBW.
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