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I can't remember what the number or title is.


- Dude, that was so Freudian I think my head is spinning from how utterly and completely Freudian that was. It was so Freudian it almost squicked me. Yeah. Still, it was a nice emotional moment between Jack and Sydney, so I didn't mind too, too much.
- Hee! Jack hallucinated the only guy who could save him. That was kind weird.
- I don't know about the whole idea that Jack's all of a sudden better now that this guy showed up. Yeah, it's a TV show. Yeah, I shouldn't expect too much scientific accuracy. But as a casual bio student, that whole explanation was still the equivalent of listening to nails on a chalkboard.
- Sofia/Elena intrigues me. What the hell is she after? Just the hydrosec? Does she even really give a shit about Nadia or is she just trying to get stuff on APO? We shall have to wait and see.
- I miss Cloane. *sniff*
- Sloane's reaction to hearing that Laura didn't like him was priceless. Utterly priceless.
- I liked the mention of Emily. That was sweet. And I liked Sloane randomly rearranging things in Jack's house. OMGSOINLOVE.
- The fakeout was awesome. I was totally like, why the hell are they investigating a dingy warehouse? Isn't Jack in a nice clinic somewhere?
- Victor Garber is God. (Yay)

Blech. The AP English Lit was bad. The essay portions at least. There was this really amusing passage in the MC section, in which there was subtle, British mocking. Don't know how well I did. Not that it matters, anyway. Brown doesn't accept the credit.
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